Seamless House Siding Installed on Homes in the Lima, OH, Area

House Siding Lima OHWhen searching for the ideal house siding for your home in Lima, Ohio, you will quickly discover that the products offered by KISS ABC Seamless stand above the rest. Most companies install house siding that comes in pre-cut pieces – a method that leaves an average of 150 splices on a home. Not only do these gaps detract from a home’s appearance, they also allow debris and moisture to collect in the gaps between panels, creating the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance. At KISS ABC Seamless, we cut our siding onsite to the exact measurements of your home, eliminating splices and the problems that often accompany them.

In addition to its clean, seamless appearance, our house siding also offers a number of other benefits to Lima area homeowners. For example, our siding is:

  • Durable – Rather than vinyl or wood, our siding is made from strong G-90 galvanized steel that will withstand the elements and continue to look like new for years to come.
  • Low maintenance – Because it won’t ever rot, peel, chip, or crack, our siding requires virtually no upkeep to stay looking its best.
  • Customizable – Our house siding comes in a number of stylish colors – all of which can be matched with our soffit and fascia products – to give your home a modern, stylish look. We also have seamless steel log siding available for customers who are looking for rustic charm.
  • Energy efficient – We install our siding panels over a layer of foam-backed boards, which helps to reduce air infiltration, lessening the burden on your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

At KISS ABC Seamless, we take pride in not only the exceptional quality of our products, but our expert installation services, too. Many of our technicians have more than 20 years of industry experience, and every member of our team is committed to providing an installation experience that is as seamless as our siding. Best of all, ABC Seamless’ lifetime guarantee ensures that your house siding will remain protected for years to come, so you can feel good knowing you have made a sound investment in your home.

To learn more about the numerous advantages of having KISS ABC Seamless install seamless house siding on your Lima, OH, home, contact us today. Financing options are available to those who qualify.